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Sanam Studios Dancers is an an Atlanta-based professional dance troupe, led by Sanam Azeem, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Mrs. Pakistan International 2013 and ambassador and advocate for Girls Education locally and globally.

Sanam Studios Dancers specialize in Pakistani folk dances, including, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pashtun & Kashmiri dances, as well as Bollywood, Middle Eastern, Afghani, Persian, Turkish Gypsy and African dances.
You may have seen their performance on social media to the famous Sindhi song, 'Mor Tho Tillay Rana'. This video went viral after they performed it at a festival in Atlanta and continues to be shared and circulated on social media. They've been featured on multiple publications, magazines and news media channels, including international media, SAMAA TV & Geo News.

Sanam Studios dancers perform nationally at corporate galas, fundraisers, consulates, weddings, universities, festivals, and cultural events.
They strive to represent the culture and history of each dance style with appropriate costumes for the region as well as graceful movements that make these cultures proud to be represented.

Sanam Studios Dancers are performers specializing in Eastern style dances. Our dance family consists of professionally trained performers from diverse backgrounds and cultures from all over the globe, coming together as Americans with love for the universal language of dance.

Artistic Director & Choreographer:

Sanam Studios Dancers are led by Sanam Azeem, a skilled choreographer, instructor and performing artist, based in Atlanta, GA, who's genetic makeup is as diverse in cultures as the gypsies who traveled from land to land. From Iran to India - from Pakistan to Yemen, Sanam covers it all. Born in Pakistan, to parents of Persian, Indian and Arab descent, raised in Brooklyn, NY, Sanam is a proud American and a global dancer.
Sanam is also the first woman to be crowned, Mrs. Pakistan International. In 2013, She won this prestigious title by participating in the first ever, Mrs. Pakistan International pageant, held in Atlanta, GA. After winning this title, she represented Pakistan for the first time, at the Mrs. International pageant, held in Chicago, IL. Out of 69 Queens from around the world, Sanam won 2nd Runner Up, Mrs. International 2013. First South Asian to ever make it in the top 5 at the Mrs. International pageant.
Sanam is also an avid supporter of girls education, especially in Pakistan, where 50% of the population is illiterate and most of these are women and children. Sanam is a volunteer at heart, and a proud Atlantan, involved with local organizations. She helps provide school supplies for underprivileged children and help others in need throughout the Metro Atlanta community.